Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hello old friend

I've been majorly neglecting this blog for way too long. Got my laptop fired up for some late night blogging. Much has changed in our household since my last post 2 Februarys ago. We had a new little bumble-bee join our hive in March of his year. Baby Lenora Rose made our family complete. I've got lots of projects to post, but just have to find the time to get them all written up!  It had been about 8 years since my last pregnancy, so I learned a lot this time around. I wanted to attempt a natural childbirth, labor & delivery. I dove headfirst into all things NATURAL childbirth...books, movies, websites, groups, etc.  Childbirth and motherhood is completely inspiring and I had a ton of support from my husband, my family and all the wonderful women in my life. Hoping to share all the good (and bad) info I have learned on the subject as well as fun baby experiences, ideas, projects, and info. I also have some great nursery project ideas, crochet projects, and other crafting ideas I am hoping to share. Now if I can just get the little one to let me set her down for a few minutes I can get to typing. (:

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