Thursday, September 23, 2010

Summer is over TOO SOON!

This summer went by entirely TOO FAST! I still am not into the swing of things: the kids' school, volunteering @ school, weekend work, puppy time, volunteering after school, soccer practice, parent club meetings, attempting to exercise and eat right, cub scouts, and attempting to keep the house semi clean. Not that I am complaining, I love my life, it's just a bit insane right now and I need to get my schedule worked out a little better.

This summer we kept the kids pretty busy, which is essential in keeping myself sane. I didn't have a lot of time to do arts or crafts, but there are a few things I made that I am pretty proud of. I made a whole slew of crochet critters for a Benefit for my friend's son earlier in the spring. They turned out quite cute, went up for auction or raffle for a great cause, and contributed to the final total of over $30,000!

My favorite is probably the robot or the beaver....maybe next time I could combine the 2?

Most of these patterns I got from 2 books by my favorite author and Amigurumi crochet guru, Ana Paula Rimoli. Her books are wonderful, that is where I learned how to do Ami, and her blog is adorable and funny

I have been attempting to design a few of my own Ami designs lately, I hope to put them up on my blog or Ravelry eventually.

One of my friends from high school recently started a wonderful do it yourself craft blog, howd.i.y. blog. It is a great blog, with tons of cool do it yourself projects, gift ideas, and crafts. Check it out. (: