Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lenora's sweet vintage nursery

Check out my nursery on Project Nursery and give it a rating.

Eclectic, vintage, and pretty. That's how I describe my daughter's nursery. I had so much fun decorating her little space in anticipation of her arrival. She just turned one and it's about time I wrote a blog about her nursery and how it came together.
The room started as her brother's room, with superheroes painted on the dark periwinkle textured walls. This was not going to be an easy transformation. I searched my photos and could only find this action shot of the boys with one of the 4 superheroes in the background. (That's a Transformer arm and leg in the right top corner).

We started with a few paint color choices, including pale pink, peach, spring green, and a golden yellow color. I painted a square of each on the wall and looked at them for a few days. Surprisingly I liked the spring green, which was probably my last choice. It was so bright and warm in the sun and yet soothing in the nighttime. Perfect for a nursery. I used the quilt that I found at Land of Nod Outlet for color selection. It had many colors on it, stripes of different patterns, with magenta, peach, pink, gold, and green. I think it was called patchwork paisley or something like that.

                 To paint over the mural we chose a quality paint and we did not do a coat of white first. We did 2 coats of green and made sure and go over where the heroes were painted a few extra times. The end result was a gorgeous green, kind of pretty green, like new buds on the trees in the springtime. The color looked really nice on the walls and really gave the room an earthy feel, especially with the nice brown hardwood floors.
Once the walls were done, we added the boys' old white crib (good thing I saved that!) and dresser and a pretty little vintage side table. Now came the fun part, decorating! Pinterest was a big source of inspiration, in fact I had a whole board dedicated to decorating the nursery. In fact it might have made it harder for me because I wanted to do so many of the cool ideas I found. Scouring local boutiques, thrift shops, and discount stores (TJ Maxx, Big Lots) we found tons of great stuff  to make this nursery one of a kind. 

Peoria is lucky to have some super sweet small shops that have handmade or one of a kind items.

              Check out my nursery on Project Nursery and give it a rating. Had a blast putting it together and now Lenora has fun playing and chasing her kitty around her room.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Can you feel the creepy in the air? Day of the Dead art project to kick off fall!

October is HERE! It's the most wonderful time of the year!! Well some of us think so! I love the fall, almost as much as the summertime, especially because of a little thing called Halloween. Dia de los Muertos is an awesome celebration of death, life, and family. Last year I did an art project with my son's 4th grade class that was a total hit. I found the idea on an awesome blog Modern Art 4 Kids, for Day of the Dead Skulls.

The craft was done on black paper with bright colors pastels. The kids were informed to draw a BIG skull, to fill up the page, then to decorate their skulls with colorful patterns, designs, and funky lines/shapes. They turned out amazing, and the kids had a blast. They were all different, gorgeous, creepy, and funny. Each one as unique as the child who created it.

 We did this project along with a lesson about Frida Kahlo, the passionate Mexican artist. The kids were very interested in the Day of Dead Celebration, which takes place on November 1 &2. Basically it is a holiday to celebrate and remember the loved ones who have passed away. This tradition goes back as far as the Aztecs, although today is predominately Mexican holiday. This holiday is celebrated by making little offerings for the deceased and basically having a party for them. Sugar skulls are plastic or paper mache or perhaps real, decorated with flowers, glitter, cloth, ribbons, gold, and silver, and beautiful adornments. These are not meant to be creepy or scary, but in fact to show that loved ones are remembered and not forgotten.It is really a sweet, wonderful tradition, that is something we could all benefit from.

There are some other great project ideas for Day of the Dead on the blog Deep Space Sparkle.