Sunday, October 19, 2008

fall is in the air

halloween fall display, originally uploaded by cocomama1.

I get really excited for fall mostly because of Halloween. It is great to go to the local farm and pick out some pumpkins, gourds, and mums, then throwing them into a cool little display. I am always in awe of those great fall displays in Martha Stewart magazines and other publications. So this year I put out a few pumpkins and gourds and random little spooky trinkets on this little wire rack thing. I planted my 3 little mums in these skull pirate trick or treat buckets that I had leftover from my son's Pirate Birthday party last November.

I highly advise everyone to take advantage of after Halloween sales and use whatever you find for theme parties, birthdays, kids gifts and save some stuff for halloween next year. It is the best surprise to get out your Halloween stuff and find some surprise decorations you bought and put away!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Crocheting Binge

I have been crocheting my fingers to the bone the past week or 2! I taught myself the Amigurumi style of crochet in August and I have been making animals, monsters, and other huggable creatures since then. The book I learned from is called, Amigurumi World, Seriously Cute Crochet, if you click on that you can check out the authors blog. She is seriously talented! Most of my creations can be seen on my flickr set~ Knit and Crochet. I have been getting really into Amigurumi, I love the way they end up looking, they are just adorable. I am pretty much set for birthday parties, baby showers, and whatever else event I need a kid/baby present for.

Here are a few of my newest creations, including my first ORIGINAL creature, this little red monster~

I am also working on a little accessory for our families Halloween costumes which will be revealed later. (: AND I am going to attempt to sew my kids costumes, which is a first....I am open for any advice/ words of wisdom on sewing, putting together costumes.