Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So I hope everyone is keeping busy and warm this chilly December.

Lots going on in our house....
of course we are preparing for Christmas, which means I have been making some handmade gifts as usual. Crochet is my poision this year. So far I have 5 scarves, a few critters, & a baby doll finished. I am working on the final scarf and a guitar strap for my hubby (shhhhhhhhh).

Also I am working on a portrait commission for a girl I work with. She is giving to her mother for Christmas and there are 11 grandkids in it from 11 different photos. I have until January 2nd to get this done....and I am about 1/3 of the way done.. So I have a lot to do! I was thinking of doing a portrait for my parents, but may have to hit JC Penney's for a christmas photo of the kids instead.
One can only draw so fast!

Here are a few of the crochet patterns I have been utilizing~
one skein scarf
queen anne's lace scarf
bitty baby

And here is Charlie modeling the hat I made for Jack's birthday~

complete with earflaps

it turned out a lil big...can't remember where i found the pattern. Im sure it is on knitting pattern central under earflap hat or something.

a few of my own pattern designs coming in January!